Your Jewelry Closet Service: Custom Mini-Collections

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Our “Your Jewelry Closet” service is for those who enjoy custom pieces! When you sign up for this service, you bring your ideas to the designer to create your own mini-collections of 4-6 pieces. All pieces are custom and one of a kind. However, if you see a piece that is offered on the website and want to include that in your mini collection, you may do so! 

Throughout the year, you can have up to 4 mini-collections made for you, each at its own cost (per collection). After each discovery call where you talk to the designer, you will pay a deposit between 35% and 50% of the projected, total cost. The balance is due after the mini-collection is complete and before it is shipped.

Today, when you sign up for the service, you will be charge $0.00 at checkout. However, be sure to provide your information so that you can be emailed a time for a discovery call with Kim, the designer!