Remember - African Fabric On Wood, With Hand-Painted Detail and Cowrie Shell

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Our "Remember" necklace is simple and unique. Made with African fabric on wood, hand-painted detail and a cowrie shell, it is truly a go-to piece. The necklace comes in a choice of blue and white with a black cowrie OR blue/white/pink with a gold cowrie. There is also a choice of a 26" chain or a 28" chain. The necklace is covered with a gloss varnish, to protect against damage to the fabric or paint.

*All pieces are made after orders are received. Please allow 6-9 business days after ordering for items to be shipped. ALL JEWELRY IS MADE TO ORDER. 

*How to care for your acrylic:
- Store in a cool, dry place and do not get wet.
- Be sure NOT to store necklace in plastic/polyurethane, as the varnish may sweat and become sticky.