Empress’ Paradise - Gold-Plated Sun and Multi-Shape, Brass, Dangle Earrings

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Wow! That’s our first thought when we look at these beautiful and lightweight, brass earrings, named by our customers! Made with various brass shapes and gold-plated suns, these earrings make a statement, (without being heavy), have incredible movement and are truly unique. They measure approximately 4 1/2” long.

The hexagon reminds us of an island and then of course you have the suns, so that all points us to paradise. And these are earrings fit for an empress. So - “Empress’ Paradise” is the perfect name for these earrings. And guess what? You can wear them with EVERYTHING!

*Please allow 7-9 business days after placing order for item to be shipped, as all pieces are made after orders are received. ALL ITEMS ARE MADE TO ORDER.