"Beauty" Amber-Colored, Vintage Gem and Fishtail, Wire Earrings

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Make a big impact with these linear earrings with a pop of color! The "Beauty" earrings are a chic addition to any jewelry wardrobe. They are made with amber-colored, vintage gems and fishtail chain. They are simply a beautiful pair of earrings without a lot of fuss, that still manage to have some edge to them. The earrings measure approximately 4 1/4" long.(YOU MAY ALSO ORDER THESE TO COME IN THE LENGTH OF 3 1/4" FOR THE SAME PRICE. Check the options below.)

Throw these earrings on to dress up a basic outfit or to shine in something a bit more dressy.

*Please allow 5-9 business days after ordering for item to be shipped. ALL ITEMS ARE MADE TO ORDER.