Growth Cycles - Mirrored Acrylic, Brass Suns and Chain Earrings

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Made just like our “Cycles” earrings, we decided to name these “Growth Cycles”. They are made with gold-plated, brass suns, chain and mirrored acrylic, these earrings are reminiscent of meadows, trees sand the sun that warms them. They will definitely start a conversation or two! The earrings are lightweight and measure approximately 4" long. The ball, earring posts are brass, and free of lead and nickel. (There is a reflection of the trees in (particularly the right) earrings, as a result of taking the photo outside, under trees.)

*All pieces are made after orders are received. Please allow 6-9 business days after ordering for items to be shipped. ALL JEWELRY IS MADE TO ORDER. 

*How to care for your acrylic:
- Be gentle with the jewelry and take care not to scratch it against hard or sharp surfaces.
- Use the microfiber cloth included, to keep the mirrored acrylic clean from fingerprints.