Lady In Liberty 1 - Interactive Painting

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“Lady In Liberty 1” is an interactive painting, which means that the earrings are a part of the painting and can also be worn by you! You can also change out other earrings you have, to give her varying looks. This is the first Lady In Liberty and there will be more coming in this series.

This lady is in the process of liberation. Aren’t we all always in the process of being free in some way, shape or form? The red, black and green represent liberation and the acknowledgment of Pan-Africanism. The way the red, black and green are painted, is inspired by the designs of kente cloth. The black and gold chain on the earrings are a “repurposing” of sorts, of something that was used to bind, that is now used as adornment. It is symbolic and also recognizes how Black people have always created something beautiful/useful/ imaginative, out of something that was meant for harm or looked upon as trash. The clear, faceted, glass beads represent how multi-faceted the African Diaspora is, as well as the way we both absorb and reflect light. 

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