Welcome to Elizabeth In Pearls!

I'm Kim, the Designer, Creative Director and Stylist for Elizabeth In Pearls, which is named after my grandmothers, Elizabeth (Grandmommy) and Pearl (Ma Pearl). Elizabeth In Pearls jewelry is for those who want to experience unique, eclectic, jewelry art and don't want to see themselves coming and going. So if you are looking for uncommon jewelry to complement your unique style, you've found your spot!

My creation process is organic and spiritual for me. Creating is like breathing, so as it comes, I make. It's a process that flows and I don't force what doesn't want to become, which makes it that much more calming and enjoyable! I also use low waste when creating, in order to be more environmentally friendly. Many pieces come in limited quantities.

In addition to our collections, we also offer hand-painted artwork and digital art prints, one-of-a-kind, custom orders and wholesale orders. Please contact us for inquiries, by clicking "Contact Us" at the bottom of this page.

What's Your Legacy?

Join our new campaign - What's Your Legacy? - by simply asking yourself this question and deciding what it is you want to leave behind. Just as our ancestors left answers and paths for us, we too can leave our own legacy. Watch the video below!

Under Construction Campaign

We are all under construction and working on ourselves, to serve a greater purpose in life! Join us in celebrating our new campaign and think of the ways - emotionally, mentally, spiritually and physically - that you may be under construction. It simply means we are unfinished and continuing to grow!

Regeneration(s) Campaign

We all know what family heirlooms are. However, we've taken it a bit deeper, to discover our heirlooms that can change the world. Watch our campaign video below!

Love Letters From Our Ancestors Campaign

This campaign was an opportunity for all of us to take the time to share love with others, through letter writing, to let them know that they are loved and encouraged; just as our ancestors have loved and encouraged us.

Although this was one of our previous campaigns, spreading love can be done anytime, so keep it going!